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Design Your Own Weather Station

Congratulations for chosing to design your own weather station.  This is a great way of ensuring that your home weather station fits your specific interests. 

If you run into any issues during the station building process, please contact Maximum for assistance.  We can be reached at (508) 995-2200, M-F, 8:30am - 5:00pm, or any time by email at   

To get started, please check all of the conditions you want to monitor, then click 'Next' to continue.

WindWind speed & direction or wind speed only
TemperatureIndoor or outdoor air and/or water temperature
Barometric PressureAnaroid and digital barometers
HumidityIndoor or outdoor relative humidity
RainfallInches of rainfall with a self-emptying rain collector
Time & TideQuartz clocks for time and East Coast tide

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