The new way to follow the weather at home.

Maximum weather instruments have set the standard for craftsmanship and technical precision for more than 50 years. Our customers rely on Maximum to provide reliable real-time weather information from their own backyard. Today, we are proud to maintain our leading edge with Maximum Wi-Fi. Maximum Wi-Fi utilizes your home’s Wi-Fi network to send weather information from outdoor sensors to indoor weather instruments. No need for wires running through your house to instruments! Outdoor sensors only need to be connected to a separate interface box and one power supply near the installation location.  Click here to learn how to use our Wi-Fi configurator.

The Maximum Wi-Fi Weather System Overview

  1. Wind Speed and Direction – Typically attached to the roof of your home, a wind sensor will be able to inform you of the speed and direction of the wind just outside. 
  2. Temperature and Humidity – We usually place temperature and humidity sensors on the north side of your home in a shaded or sheltered area for the most accurate readings.
  3. Rainfall – Of course, a rainfall instrument will be placed outside. Most often through a collector bucket, you will be able to measure exactly how much rain you’ve received. 
  4. WiFi Sensor Interface – Place your WiFi sensor interface in whatever discrete location works best for your home, as long as you and your family have easy access.
  5. WiFi Instrument Interface – You should also be mindful of where you place the WiFi weather instrument interface, as you will need to be able to have easy access to this component in addition to your sensor. 
  6. Weather Station – Display your classic weather station in the center of your home for an elegant touch. With our WiFi weather stations, you will never lose the special, classic feel of a traditional instrument.
  7. Desktop and Mobile Devices – With your own devices, through Weather Underground, you can access all of your instrument weather readings wherever you are in your home!

The Other Features & Benefits of a Wi-Fi Weather Station

  • Utilizes home Wi-Fi network to send weather information from the outdoor sensor to indoor weather instruments and to the Weather Underground App.
  • Wiring from outdoor sensors through the home to the weather instruments is not needed.
  • Outdoor sensors will only need to be connected to the sensor interface box and one power supply.
  • Weather instruments only need to be connected to the indicator interface box and a single power supply near the installation location.
  • Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Wi-Fi instruments here.

Read more in the Maximum Wi-Fi Weather Brochure

Once Maximum Wi-Fi is set up, connect to Weather Underground!

Once you’ve set up your Maximum Wi-Fi weather station in your home, you can access your home weather information anywhere in the world by connecting with Weather Underground.

With Weather Underground, you can:

  • Check current conditions or forecasts wherever you are in the world
  • Access an interactive map with high resolution satellite imagery and weather alerts
  • Customize your experience with light and dark modes and map styles

Learn how to connect your WiFi instruments to Weather Underground in this video.

Download the app here:

apple store
google play

Ready to Get Started with a Wi-Fi Weather Station of Your Own?

Configure the ideal system to meet your needs today using our configurator, click here.  Be sure to CONTACT US today to discuss installation options with a member of our team.  No matter the type of scenario, we will be happy to find a solution that meets your needs!