Stay informed of every storm

Heat stress doesn’t only occur in hot conditions, it’s also when the body is unable to maintain a healthy temperature. This can apply to people and animals. Globally, by the end of this century, cattle ranchers are expected to lose $10 and $40 billion annually due to climate change.

Improve your business’ performance with real-time awareness of weather conditions at the construction site, on the farm, or outside your office. When a storm is coming, you need to plan accordingly, so empower your team with the right weather monitoring tools.

Maximum Stratus Outdoor Reading Hygrometer

Increase on-site awareness

Do high winds or high and low temperatures impact safety conditions for your crew or others around the job site? Weather conditions are important for construction sites because projects may need to be temporarily postponed due to dangerous wind conditions, severe thunderstorms, or hail. Know what’s happening in real-time with Maximum weather stations. Your crew members will thank you.

Liven up your workspace with inviting décor

Weather instruments are not only practical, but they can liven up a workspace too. Are you looking for an interesting and functional piece of decor for your office or conference room? You would be amazed how interesting weather instruments can be to your clients. Browse our selection of weather instruments and weather stations to find the best fit.

Benefits of Business Weather Instruments

There are a number of benefits to accurately knowing weather conditions while at work. They include:

  • Increase safety conditions of your workspace
  • Help prepare your team or coworkers of severe weather
  • Better manage on-site work schedules
  • Liven up your office or workspace

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