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Farm Weather Stations: How They’re Used & Why They’re Important

What Is a Weather Station? Home weather stations are highly convenient, showing you the temperature, rainfall, and other aspects of...
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Why Proper Relative Humidity Matters for Your Home

To most people, humidity is rarely in the conversation when trying to make your home a more comfortable place to...
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Maximum Customer Spotlight: Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments

Matt Sloan is a lifelong weather fanatic who has turned his passion for monitoring conditions and tracking storms into a...
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What Is an Anemometer?

The term anemometer is derived from a Greek word, anemos, meaning wind. The earliest description of an anemometer was in...
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7 Unique Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Dad jokes aside, your father is a pretty special guy.  Father’s Day is a wonderful time to show him how...
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