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Save 15% on a Mariner Weather Station!

It’s enjoyable and easy to keep an eye on your local conditions with the Mariner, an arrangement of Maximum instruments that measure barometric pressure and keep time.

Use MARINER15 to save!

Maximum Now Has Wi-Fi

We are proud to maintain our leading edge with our new Wi-Fi instruments!  Maximum Wi-Fi utilizes your home’s Wi-Fi network to send weather information from outdoor sensors to indoor weather instruments.

Looking to Measure Something Specific?

Technical precision and timeless elegance have been hallmarks of Maximum home weather instruments from the very beginning.

Choose from a wide selection of digital and analog weather instruments that let you monitor wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall and more.  

Each Maximum weather instrument is built by hand at our New Bedford, Massachusetts facility and is backed by our long-standing commitment to quality, accuracy and superior customer service.

Wind Instruments

Choose from wide selection of digital and analog wind speed and direction instruments that let you monitor winds up to 100, 125 or even 255 MPH. 

Temperature Instruments

Whether you’re interested in the traditional look (analog) or a more modern presentation (digital), Maximum builds quality wired thermometers to let you monitor outdoor and indoor temperature.

Barometric Pressure Instruments

Barometers are great for giving you a sneak peak at what the weather will be like tomorrow.  A barometer whose needle is moving clockwise, indicates improving weather and a barometer whose needle is moving counter-clockwise, indicates declining weather.

Relative Humidity Instruments

How comfortable is it to exit an air-conditioned space on a summer afternoon and be hit by air that feels as thick as pea soup? Discover how to measure humidity daily so you’ll always stay comfortable. 

Rainfall Instruments

Have you ever wondered how much rain you had over the course of a month or season? Maximum’s wired rainfall instruments can show you that and then some.

Time and Tide Clocks

Compliment your Maximum weather instrument arrangement with one of our quality time or east coast tide clocks.  Available in both digital and analog models, these clocks make a great stand-alone instrument as well.



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Weather stations let you showcase a more complete weather story

Maximum home weather stations offer a unique view of your local weather conditions while adding a beautiful, functional piece of art to your wall or mantle.