Analog Wind Speed and Direction

When you want real-time wind speed, direction, and high wind gust measurements, Maestro is the answer. It gives you the ability to monitor the wind in a classic, elegant display.

Two Scale Wind Speed and Direction

The Maestro 2-S (2-Scale) has all the features you’ve come to love about Maestro with the added benefit of 2 user-selectable wind speed scales. The first is a 0-40MPH scale for higher resolution of low wind speed readings. The second is a 0-120MPH scale if you live in an area where extreme winds may occur.

Wind Speed with High Gust Capabilities

Vigilant is the instrument that Maximum was founded on. It’s a self-powered wind speed instrument with high gust measuring capability, so you can track the biggest winds.

Digital Display of Wind Speed & Direction

Are you looking for a wind speed and direction instrument that does it all in an easy-to-read digital display? Merlin gives you real-time wind readings as well as peak and average wind speed and direction while also forecasting trending wind speed.

Simple Display of Wind Speed

The Sirocco is a self-powered wind speed instrument housed in a solid, hand-crafted woodblock.  It has proven to be popular in both residential and commercial applications. Its versatility allows you to mount it on a wall or simply sit it on a shelf.

Simple Digital Display of Wind Speed

The Nor’Easter is an electronic, 2-digit wind speed display housed in an attractive wood block.  It is capable of measuring wind speeds up to 200 mph and can be powered by a single 9-Volt battery, or you can plug it into a standard household electric outlet.

Learn how to set a gust register on our Maximum Maestro Wind Instrument.

How to Set a Gust Register on Maestro Wind Instrument

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