Shop our variety of weather sensors, built to provide you precise data collection with unmatched durability and reliability.


Take a look through our selection of cables for your instrument, which run between sensors and are available in standard 60-foot or optional 150-foot lengths.

The Larsen Family using a Maximum preconfigured weather station in their home

Power Supplies

For weather instruments that require ‘plug-in’ power, power supplies are available in USA – 110V – or European – 220/240V – versions.

Mounting Hardware

Whether you’re mounting sensors on your roof or instruments to your wall, get all of the hardware you need to do the job.

Mounting Panels

Whether you’re mounting your instrument on your wall or mantle, elegant wood mounting panels provide a finished look to your weather station.

Engraved Panels & Plaques

An engraved panel or brass plaque provides a personal touch to any mounting panel for your wall or mantle. Engravings make for a perfect gift – contact Maximum for details.


Mini-Max Remote-Reading Thermometer

Your comfort is important. Whether you want to dress according to today’s weather or wan

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Time is a precious commodity and Meridian helps you keep track of it in a classic, elegant

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Predictor is a versatile, accurate meteorological grade barometer capable of tracking air

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Make an elegant statement in your home. Mystic combines both outdoor temperature and barom

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Decide which weather conditions mean the most to you and build your very own weather station by combining them on a solid wood panel.