The Temperature

Has there ever been a day that you didn’t want to know what the temperature was before stepping outside?

Whether you’re interested in a traditional looking dial thermometer or a more modern looking digital readout, check out our selection of indoor and outdoor reading thermometers that will give you an accurate sense of what to expect when you walk out the door.

The Wind

Ever wonder what the wind speed was that rattled your windows or made your house groan?

Whether your interest is sailing, flying a kite or setting up a tent for an outdoor party, understanding the wind conditions outside your home is a breeze with one of these highly accurate wind monitoring instruments that measure speed and direction.

The Humidity

Understanding, and preparing for, how humid it is outside before leaving your house for the day can really impact your comfort level.

Outdoor or indoor, humidity levels can make or break your day.  Understanding your surrounding humidity is easy with these quality crafted humidity indicators.

The Barometric Pressure

Improve your awareness of the changing weather with a barometer. In simple terms if the pressure is rising your weather is probably improving, and if the pressure is declining, then it is likely that your weather is too.

Changes in pressure don’t just impact the weather, they can also impact our comfort.  Folklore tells us that when the air pressure drops, nagging joint pain rears its ugly head. Be prepared for changing weather with advanced warning from a barometer.

The Time and Tide

Add an elegant clock to any room in your home, and know your local tide cycle with a tide clock

Even though most of us have a watch or mobile phone within reach, we often look for the clock in the room to get an idea of the time.  If you spend time near the ocean, a tide clock can be very helpful in letting you know the best time to head out to the beach or on the boat.

The Rain

Have you ever seen it rain so hard that you felt compelled to reference “cats and dogs”?

A self-emptying rain gauge is a great way to stay dry while seeing just how much rain fell during an overnight storm or while you watched puddles form during an afternoon shower. 



Make an elegant statement in your home. Mystic combines both outdoor temperature and barom

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Not Sure Where To Start

Decide which weather conditions mean the most to you and build your very own weather station by combining them on a solid wood panel.