About Maximum Instruments

For over 50 years, Maximum, a 100% employee-owned company based in New Bedford, Massachusetts has set the standard for elegant craftsmanship and technical precision. Our weather instruments feature professional quality movements that give you accurate, reliable, real-time weather information from your own backyard.  

If you’re a weather enthusiast or even a casual weather observer, Maximum has the perfect instrument to fit beautifully into your home decor and become an integral part of your everyday life for generations to enjoy.

Our Core Values

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Our instruments are designed to provide you with accurate readings of local weather for decades to come.

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Designed to Last

Hand-crafted using designs and techniques that were established in the 19th century and are proven to last.

The Larsen Family using a Maximum preconfigured weather station in their home


Establish a family tradition of weather watching with heirloom quality instruments that can be passed on for future generations to enjoy.

Our Mission

To produce high quality products that stand the test of time and bring years of enjoyment to you and your family.

Hand-crafted to the highest quality standards so you can enjoy them with your family for years and years.  The care and dedication to quality that goes into every Maximum instrument stems from half a century of experience building a product that will bring enjoyment to you and your family for generations.

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The Team to Help You Succeed

The average tenure of the Maximum team is greater than 20 years, with some having more than 30 years experience designing, building and maintaining our quality instruments.  All are dedicated to providing you with the finest quality products that you will be proud to share with family and friends.

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