Mini-Max Remote-Reading Thermometer


Your comfort is important. Whether you want to dress according to today’s weather or want to know yesterday’s temperature extremes, Mini-Max has you covered. A remote-reading thermometer with an exterior sensor that sends data to the interior display. Mini-Max is equipped with an electronic memory that stores high and low readings until manually reset. Provides readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and features a temperature minder to let you mark current temperature and note any changes.


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Maximum Mini-Max Specs

Temperature: /- 1 degree Fahrenheit ( /- 0.5 degrees Celsius)

Case: 6.5″ O.D. x 2.75″ Deep

Dial: 4.75″ O.D.

Power: Standard AC Adapter

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What’s in the Box?

The Mini-Max remote reading thermometer will ship to you complete with an air temperature sensor with a 60′ cable and AC adaptor.


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