Wi-Fi Blackwatch


Modern technology meets old world charm in a sophisticated 3-instrument, digital display that allows you to track up to six local weather conditions.

Maximum Wi-Fi utilizes your home’s Wi-Fi network to send weather information from outdoor sensors to indoor weather instruments. No need for wires running through your house to instruments!

Wi-Fi Blackwatch weather station is an arrangement of Maximum instruments that measure wind speed and direction, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and rainfall amounts.


Add-ons total:



Digital readings for wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, and rainfall

High Gust, Average Wind, Wind Forecast, Outside Temperature with High and Low Memory, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rate of Change, Wind Chill with Low Wind Chill Memory, and two rainfall counters

Solid Nickel case

Mahogany Panel (11” x 26”)

What’s In the Box

Wind speed and direction sensor

Temperature sensor

Rainfall sensor

3 Instrument wood panel

Stainless steel 18″ straight stub mast and formed mast

60’ cable

AC Adaptor

Wi-Fi Interface Setup Kit

Misc. Hardware

Products Fit to Your Lifestyle

The Blackwatch gives you the ultimate visibility in any lighting condition. You can install your Blackwatch station in your foyer and everyone will marvel at the beauty, sophistication, and weather information displayed in your home.

  • Can be set to auto scroll to continuously display all of its abilities
  • Serial data output enables you to add multiple instruments and stations in your home with only one set of exterior sensors.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

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  • 4_ W Mounting Bracket
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  • 8_ Y Mounting Bracket
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  • Galvanized Steel Antenna Mast
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  • WM004
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