Catalina Wind and Temperature Instrument


This beautiful arrangement provides an elegant display of the two most common weather conditions – wind and temperature. The Catalina weather station is an arrangement of Maximum instruments that measure wind speed and direction as well as outside temperature, along with a 2-instrument mounting panel.

Maximum home weather stations offer a unique view of your local weather conditions while adding a beautiful, functional piece of art to almost any setting.


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Catalina Specs

Readings for wind speed, wind direction and outside temperature with high and low memory

Solid Brass, Nickel, Chrome or PVD cases

Mahogany or Oak panel (10” x 20”)

What’s in the Box?

Wind speed and direction sensor

Temperature sensor

2 Instrument wood panel

Stainless steel straight mast and formed mast

60’ cable

AC Adapter

Maximum Products Fit to Your Lifestyle

Everyone has that memory of the perfect place. It is serenity, warmth, and peace in one package.

Recreate this feeling when you are observing weather conditions with your Maximum analog weather instruments. Whether your perfect place is the ocean, mountains, suburb, or city. The hypnotic symphony of our dials will take you there. Experience the benefits of:

  • Timeless design with analog gauges
  • Over 50 years of design quality
  • Configuration versatility

Replacement Parts and Accessories

These are great accessories to go along with the versatile weather station you are looking at!

  • 4_ W Mounting Bracket
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  • 8_ Y Mounting Bracket
    Rated 0 out of 5

  • Galvanized Steel Antenna Mast
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  • Stainless Steel Antenna Mast
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