It’s enjoyable and easy to keep an eye on your local conditions with this popular 2-instrument station.

The Mariner home weather station is an arrangement of Maximum instruments that measure barometric pressure and keep time, along with a 2-instrument mounting panel. Specify altitude if above 2000′.

Polished BrassPolished ChromePVD (Tarnish Resistant) BrassSatin Nickel


Add-ons total:




Digital readings for wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, rainfall, time and tide

High Gust, Average Wind, Wind Forecast, Outside Temperature with High and Low Memory, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rate of Change, Wind Chill with Low Wind Chill Memory, and two rainfall counters

Solid Brass, Nickel, Chrome or PVD cases

Mahogany or Oak Panel (18” x 20”)

What’s In the Box

Wind speed and direction sensor

Temperature sensor

Rainfall sensor

Stainless steel straight mast and formed mast

(2) 60’ cables

AC Adaptor

Rain Collector Box

4 Instrument Panel Box

Products Fit to Your Lifestyle

The Marconi gives you the ultimate visibility in any lighting condition. You install in any room in your home or business. Everyone will marvel at the beauty, sophistication, and weather information displayed.

Weather is one of the most discussed topics of conversation. What a conversation piece the Marconi is. All eyes will be on the station, a great centerpiece for your customers, office, or home.

  • Can be set to auto scroll to continuously display all of its abilities
  • Serial data output enables you to add multiple instruments and stations in your home with only one set of exterior sensors.


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