The perfect gift just got even easier to install! Many Maximum Weather Systems are now Wi-Fi enabled. This means less wiring running through your home to get precise, real time weather data. *Orders of $250 and Free Shipping.

Wind Speed & Direction Instrument

Outdoor Thermometer

Digital Humidity Instrument

Wi-Fi Enabled Instruments

Our customers rely on Maximum to provide reliable real-time weather information from their own backyard. Today, we are proud to maintain our leading edge with Maximum Wi-Fi. Maximum Wi-Fi utilizes your home’s Wi-Fi network to send weather information from outdoor sensors to indoor weather instruments.

More Gift Ideas

For an elegant statement in any home, consider a Maximum Home Weather Station. Our weather stations combine multiple instruments on a beautiful oak or mahogany wood panels. This is a perfect way to showcase a more complete local weather story. Call us to discuss options or see all of our stations by clicking the button below.