Maximum Customer Spotlight: Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments

Matt Sloan is a lifelong weather fanatic who has turned his passion for monitoring conditions and tracking storms into a career, founding Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments. Cyclone is a distributor as well as an installer of Maximum instruments and weather stations, as well as other brands, in Northwest Oregon. Purchasing his first instrument from Maximum in 1993, Matt is one of Maximum’s longest-standing customers and his passion for weather and quality craftsmanship make his business one of Maximum’s best and most loyal partners.

History of Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments

On November 13, 1981, Matt Sloan experienced one of the biggest storms in recorded Pacific Northwest history on the front of the harsh Oregon coast in Gearhart and Cannon Beach. Winds that night reached historic levels, exceeding 100mph, and Matt noticed anemometers spinning on several of the condos and homes located on the coast, many of which he’d later learn were Maximum sensors and instruments. That storm and the instruments he witnessed were seared into his memory and piqued his interest in the world of weather instrumentation. Matt purchased his first anemometer in late 1984, and he was hooked.

Make a Statement in Your Home with the Mystic

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s many of the stores that sold weather instruments were dropping off and online sales increased.  With the eventual brick and mortar models disappearing, Matt decided to start Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments in 2013, an online presence known locally, nationally, and even internationally with a customer-first, mobile-based service. The focus was quality, made in the USA, vintage and unusual weather instruments. Cyclone also focused on repairs, maintenance, and robust, industrial-level installations with licensed contractors for maximum lifespan.

Matt has a passion for quality, and always considers what causes weather instruments to fail: usually improper installation and issues with quality. Every old installation that he removes is extensively studied to find the faults and he uses that information to build on continuous improvement. 40+ years after the storm, Matt found himself replacing an old Maximum weather instrument that he had seen that night in 1981 with a new complete station from Maximum. He took the old instrument with him and it still works!

Thanks again Matt for being a great supporter and passionate Maximum partner. Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments focuses on customers first, utilizing robust and high-quality products like Maximum Weather Instruments, and you can check out their website here.

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