Maestro 2S

2-Scale wind speed and direction instrument housed in a solid brass case with silver dial and black numerals.

Maestro 2S is similar to our popular Maestro wind speed instrument, but offers a second MPH scale instead of the km/h scale.  A toggle switch at the bottom of the case changes wind speed readings from the 0-120 MPH scale to the 0-40 MPH scale, providing a more dramatic display of lower wind speeds.  Gust Register can record gusts up to 120 MPH and cannot be used with the 0-40 MPH scale.  Wind speed is self-powered by the rooftop sensor.  Wind direction is displayed across 16 compass points via red LEDs which run off the supplied AC power pack.

Includes 60' cables, AC adapter, wind speed & direction sensors and mounting hardware.

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Maestro 2S Manual (550.6 KB)
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