Vigilant Wind Speed Instrument


Vigilant is the instrument that Maximum was founded on.  It’s a self-powered wind speed instrument with high gust measuring capability, so you can track the biggest winds. Wind speed is shown from 0-100 MPH and 0-160 km/h. The highest wind gust is saved with our unique Gust Register, allowing you to monitor exactly how hard the wind blew even if you are not present when it occurs. Vigilant is self-powered by the rooftop wind speed sensor and requires no batteries or other power source to operate.


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Vigilant Specs

Speed: /-3% Full Scale & Mid Scale

Direction: Zero Error; /-11.25 degrees resolution

Case: 6.5″ O.D. x 2.75″ Deep

Dial: 4.75″ O.D.

Power: Self-powered by rooftop sensor

What’s in the Box?

Includes 60′ cable, wind speed sensor and mounting hardware.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Find accessories and replacement parts to go along with the Maximum Vigilant

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