Digital Display of Wind Speed & Direction

Are you looking for a wind instrument that does it all in an easy-to-read digital display? Merlin gives you real time wind readings as well as peak and average wind speed and direction while also forecasting.

Our Weather Instruments Are Far From Ordinary

Since 1968, Maximum Weather Instruments have been crafted by hand and designed with heirloom quality. The Merlin Digital Wind Gauge delivers reading in 4 modes:

  1. Present: Displays existing wind conditions.
  2. Peak: Shows the wind speed and direction of the strongest gust since last reset.
  3. Average: Gives the average wind speed and direction since last reset.
  4. Forecast: Compares the most recent 12-minute average wind speed with the average for the previous 12 minutes.

Design the perfect combination of the Striking Black dial against a Polished or PVD (Tarnish Resistant) Brass, Polished Chrome, or Satin Nickel case finish to add elegance and function to any room in your home.

$650.00 – $750.00


Mounts & Accessories

  • Single instrument mahogany panel
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  • Oak Mantle Mount
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  • Single instrument oak wood panel
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  • MMMdt
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Know the exact wind speed and direction right outside your door, from the comfort of your home. Maximum wind instruments can stand alone or be the anchor in a larger weather station.

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