Looking for that perfect gift? Maximum may have just
what you're looking for!

Maximum weather instruments make an ideal gift for that
hard-to-shop-for person, or just about anyone, on your list.

Whether it's a complete home weather station or an individual
wind, temperature or humidity instrument, Maximum has an
attractive selection of case, dial and wood panel options to
fit almost any decor.  



The perfect "unique" gift item for the coastal homeowner.  This battery operated East-coast tide clock makes a great stand-alone clock or is a nice compliment to a grouping of Maximum instruments.  Now available starting at only $195.



Monitor the winter storm season with this traditional style, aneroid barometer. The beautiful, German built barometer movement is clearly visible behind the cut-away, Rain/Change/Fair dial. Starting now at just $195.



This elegant digital instrument displays readings of your local wind speed and direction. It also maintains peak and average wind data until manually reset by the user. Now available starting at $575.

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