Cronus time and tide clock provides you with a digital display of time, date and east coast tide. Time is displayed in either 12- or 24-hour mode and automatically adjusts for daylight savings. Date is displayed in month/day format. Tide counts down to east coast high or low tide in 1/2-hour increments via 12 LEDs. AC powered, with a Lithium battery back-up to maintain time and date during power outages. It can be enjoyed on its own or as a compliment to other digital instruments.


Add-ons total:



Time: /- 1 minute/year; 12- & 24-hour modes

Tide: High to Low in 15 minute increments; Atlantic Ocean (east coast of US)

Date: 2-digit (DD/MM)

Case: 6.5″ O.D. x 2.75″ Deep

Dial: 4.75″ O.D.

Standard AC Adapter

What’s In the Box

Includes AC adapter and Lithium battery.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

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  • Single instrument oak wood panel
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