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What to Consider When Choosing a Home Weather Station

Home weather stations are extremely convenient and let you know the weather at your home before you go outside. There...
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What is a Tide Clock?

Several centuries ago, tide indicators were developed with mathematical calculations based on lunar days. What is a lunar day? It corresponds to...
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Wind Speed Alarms at Work

A wind speed alarm, or wind alarm controller, is used for the continuous monitoring of wind speed in construction, mining,...
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What are Wind Speed & Direction Instruments and How Do They Work?

Wind speed and direction are two of the many variables that meteorologists keep track of when observing the weather. The...
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The Benefits of Owning a Barometer

If you want to get a simple but effective tool to help you track sudden weather changes, be more successful...
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Maximum Weather Instruments Are Far From Ordinary

We’ve been creating weather instruments here at Maximum since 1968. Our instruments are crafted by hand and designed with heirloom...
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