5 Weather Instruments to Buy This Black Friday

It happens every year: the fall season goes by in a blink of an eye and, before you know it, Black Friday is upon us. For shoppers, Black Friday deals are an awesome way to knock out early Christmas shopping (or maybe just a great reason to treat yourself to a new weather instrument!). However, as any veteran Black Friday shopper knows, you need a game plan. 

That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide of our top products for this holiday season to make your Black Friday shopping experience a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about which weather instruments to buy, who to buy them for, and how to pair them with some of your other gifts. Let’s take a closer look:

Make a Statement in Your Home with the Mystic

Maximum Wind Instruments

Wind instruments can have several different applications, perfect for the weather enthusiast in your home. Let’s take a look at one of our top-selling weather instruments:


When you want real time wind speed, direction and high wind gust measurements, Maestro is the answer. It gives you the ability to monitor the wind in a classic, elegant display.

Gift to Pair: Hiking Backpack

Any hiker knows that especially windy conditions means it’s a no-go for the trail. Pair up the Maestro with a hard shell hiking backpack for your favorite hiker so they are prepared for anything the weather – or trail – throws at them!

East Coast Tide Clock

A time and tide clock is the perfect gift for your family or friends on the East Coast. Whether they are keeping an eye out for sailing conditions, or simply love to monitor the tide – our Harbormaster has you covered. Let’s take a look:

Maximum Harbormaster East Coast Tide Clock in Brass


The Harbormaster is a precision East Coast tide clock. It makes it easy to track the tide at your favorite coastal location, regardless of where you are.

Gift to Pair: Compass

While a time and tide clock is an absolute must for the sailboat enthusiast in your life, so is a compass. Match the elegant look and feel of the Harbormaster with an heirloom-quality compass for a gift your loved one won’t soon forget!


Measuring the atmospheric pressure is a great way to stay on top of incoming storms. And for the outdoor enthusiast, that’s a must. Let’s look at one of our favorites, the Proteus:


Proteus is our highest quality, temperature compensated, aneroid barometer. You will not find a more accurate or reliable aneroid barometer.  Proteus is a true scientific grade instrument if you are looking to take weather tracking and observing to the next level.

Gift to Pair: Running Jacket

Every avid runner has been there: you’re running on your favorite trail, and then all of a sudden it starts to pour. Luckily, a barometer can help predict the conditions ahead to plan for the perfect outing. Pair the Proteus with a water resistant running jacket to ensure your favorite runner is ready for anything.

WiFi Station 

Maximum’s WiFi-enabled weather instruments help create a unified experience, easy-to-use  in your home. Pair a classic look with modern technology, and you have the perfect gift for the weather expert in your life. Let’s dive into the Blackwatch: 


A sophisticated 3-instrument, digital display that allows you to track up to six local weather conditions.  Blackwatch home weather station is an arrangement of Maximum instruments that measure wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, and rainfall amounts along with a 3-instrument mounting panel.

Gift to Pair: Telescope

Complete the unified experience in your or your loved one’s home with a telescope! Once you have a good understanding of the weather conditions just outside your door, you’ll know if it is the right night to gaze at the stars. And the best part is the hours of entertainment it can provide you and the whole family!

Preconfigured Weather Stations

Preconfigured weather stations offer not only an elegant touch to your home, but year-round functionality. Whether you’d like to stay informed of the temperature, tide, or something else, a preconfigured weather station is an excellent way to bundle all of your needs. Let’s take a look at one of our best sellers, the Montauk:


You can follow developing storms or keep track of rapidly-changing weather conditions with this traditional 3-instrument weather station.  Montauk is our most popular home weather station. It is an arrangement of wind speed and direction, temperature, and pressure instruments, on a 3-instrument mounting panel.

Gift to Pair: Fishing Pole

Whoever has a Montauk displayed in their home clearly loves to take advantage of great weather! And what else is more enjoyable than fishing on a perfect day? Pair your Montauk with a new fly-fishing pole to capitalize on all the functions this preconfigured weather station has to offer.

Moving into the Holiday Season

When you prepare for the holiday season ahead, it’s nice to get a head start. Our Black Friday deals allow you to ensure the special people in your life are receiving a high-quality, elegant gift that would be perfect for their home or office. 

Have questions about any of the gifts shown above? Feel free to contact us today to speak with a member of our team! 

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