Our wide selection of digital, analog wind instruments let you monitor wind speeds up to 100MPH.  Most instruments also have a mechanism for retaining high gust. Every Maximum wind instrument utilizes the same Maximum sensor that is used in countless commercial installations around the world and has recorded some of the greatest wind speeds ever recorded on the surface of the earth. Like all of our weather instruments, our wind instruments are hand crafted in New Bedford, Massachusetts and backed by industry leading customer service and a 5-Year limited warranty.    

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  • Displays Wind Speed & direction
  • Wind Speed will continue to display during power loss


  • Displays Wind Speed & direction
  • 10-year data back-up




  • Displays Wind Speed up to 100 MPH
  • Wind speed will continue to register during power failures


  • Measures Wind Speed on two scales
  • Displays Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed will continue to display during power loss


  • Wind Speed readings up to 99 MPH
  • Can be factory calibrated in km/h, m/s or Knots


  • Displays Wind Speed
  • Will continue to monitor wind conditions during power outages


Service & Warranty: Our Instruments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of original purchase.

Weather Stations: Our weather stations allow you to combine two or more instruments on a solid wood panel. Choose one of the popular combinations we've assembled or create a custom station using our online station builder.




Instrument Cases: Our instruments are available in 4 case options - brass, chrome, or satin nickel cases.


Instrument Dials: Instruments are typically available in spun aluminum with black numeral dial or a matte black with white numerals dial. 


Mounting Panels: Oak, mahogany and unfinished oak panels for 1 to 6 instruments. 


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