Barometers are great for giving you a sneak peek at what the weather will be like 12-24 hours from now.  The simplest way to describe what a barometer provides is, when the needle is moving clockwise (increasing pressure), that is an indication that your weather will be improving over the next 12-24 hours, and a barometer whose needle is moving counter-clockwise (decreasing pressure) indicates your weather will be declining over the next 12-24 hours.  Barometers have also been known to provide an early indication of aches and pains for people who suffer from "that old football injury".  Maximum offers a full line of Mercury-free aneroid and digital barometers which, like all of our weather instruments are hand crafted in New Bedford, Massachusetts and backed by industry leading customer service and a 5-Year limited warranty.  

Learn more below about the barometers we offer at Maximum.     


  • A French-made, heirloom quality movement
  • Temperature compensated, precision aneroid barometer
  • Resettable pointer needle to monitor changes in pressure
  • 27.5" - 31.5" scale



  • Self-contained aneroid barometer
  • 'Rain-Change-Fair' nomenclature
  • Resettable pointer needle to monitor changes in pressure
  • 28.5" - 31.5" scale


  • Digital instrument that monitors barometric pressure and temperature
  • Displays the reading of barometric pressure in red LED digits
  • 27.5" - 31.5" scale

Service & Warranty: Our Instruments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of original purchase.


Weather Stations: Our weather stations allow you to combine two or more instruments on a solid wood panel. Choose one of the popular combinations we've assembled or create a custom station using our online station builder.



Instrument Cases: Our instruments are available in 4 case options - brass, chrome, or satin nickel cases.


Instrument Dials: Instruments are typically available in spun aluminum with black numeral dial or a matte black with white numerals dial. 


Mounting Panels: Oak, mahogany and unfinished oak panels for 1 to 6 instruments. 


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