Time and east coast tide clock housed in a PVD (Titanium) treated, solid brass case with black dial and red numerals.

Cronus time and tide clock offers a digital display of time, date and east coast tide.  Time is displayed in either 12- or 24-hour mode and automatically adjusts for daylight savings.  Date is displayed in month/day format.  Tide counts down to east coast high or low tide in 1/2-hour increments via 12 clearly visible LEDs.  AC powered, with a Lithium battery back-up to maintain time and date during power outages.  LEDs do not display during power outage, but clock will remain operational. 

PVD cases are ideal for instruments that do not receive regular cleaning and/or are exposed to harsh salt air environments.  The process starts with a solid brass case. The case is then chrome plated and treated with a Titanium finishing coat that has been colored to re-create the beautiful brass finish you expect from Maximum.  This process results in an incredible tarnish resistance for many years of a like-new, tarnish free appearance for your Maximum instrument.

Includes AC adapter and Lithium battery.

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