Air Temperature Sensor with 60' cable

Precision thermistor potted in a nickel-plated, brass probe that is 1/2" O.D. and 1.00" in length. Includes 60', 22 AWG, 2-wire, UV protected cable.

The Maximum Air Temperature Sensor weather instrument contains a precision thermistor that has been potted in a nickel-plated, brass probe. The brass probe measures 1/2" O.D. x 1.00" L, and protrudes through the bottom of a PVC cylinder that is 1.31" O.D. x  0.81" H. A secondary 2.25" O.D. white plactic disk provides shade over the probe to diminish the effect of direct sunlight  on the thermistor.

The precision thermistor is a solid state device which changes its resistance inversely proportional with temperature from 150,000 Ohms at the low end to 1,500 Ohms at the high end. Interchangeability of thermistors is +/-0.2ºC; time constant 10 seconds.

Ships complete with 60' of 22 AWG, 2-wire, UV protected cable.

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