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Your interest in Maximum Weather Instruments implies a keen interest in weather.  This page was designed to educate you about our instruments and weather. Please navigate your way to the appropriate section by clicking on the links below. 



Your brass case is solid brass A70-30 Holloware quality with a durable lacquer finish.  It is in fact a piece of jewelry and should be treated as such.  It should be cleaned at least once a week to keep airborne pollutants (dust etc.) and any moisture from collecting on the case thereby attacking the lacquer.  At no time use any abrasive cleaner or cloth.  Simply use a soft cloth or soft paper towel with a mild glass cleaner to wipe the case clean.  If your instruments are in a summer home in which case you cannot clean them regularly simply lay a small cloth or towel across the top two-thirds so that dust cannot settle on the finish.


All cables on all our instruments can be shortened without affecting accuracy.  Be careful to properly mate the wires if you decide to shorten them.  You may also extend our cables beyond their standard lengths.  The chart below illustrates how far depending on the gauge you choose.

For Wind Speed, Direction, Temperature and Rain

AWG Maximum Feet Without Recalibration
24  300'
22 500'
20 750'
19 1000'
18  1250'
16 2000'
14 3200'
12 5000'
10 8000'

Note: Merlin must be extended with shielded cable only and cannot exceed 500'.  We stock 150' lengths in hour if our standard 60' lengths provided in our instruments are not sufficient.  For more information please call us.

Splicing our cables is alright so long as all splices re soldered and adequately protected from the environment.  Should you require more than 150' you would have to obtain the cable from a local supplier, keeping in mind that the cable you purchase must be adequate for an outdoor environment.


When properly installed your sensors require virtually no maintenance at all.  None of our sensors have brushes or wiping contacts.  All bearings are Rulon-J self lubricating type and will perform for many years in the most harsh environments.


To most people, wind is the most dynamic and exciting aspect of weather.  With more people and scientists studying it in recent years, it has been proven that winds can be vastly different even over small areas and often quite different from reporting stations.  From this sprouted the "spotters", people who own instrumentation and began calling their readings into local forecasters on radio and TV.  Some "spotters" even report to NWS stations if there is one in their area.  These forecasters gratefully accept the data and often use it to correlate their data at their location.  Below is table derived from the Beaufort Scale to help you better understand the force of the wind.

     Speed      Effect

Calm, smoke rises vertically, not so good on a hot day

1 - 3

Light air movement, barely enough for smoke to indicate wind direction, not heavy enough for a wind vane.

4 - 7

A gently zephyr, will cool the face, rustle leaves, create small ripples on the water and turn a wind vane.

8 - 12

Leaves, twigs in a constant motion, creates small waves on the water and extend a light flag.

13 - 18

Moderate breeze, raises dust and paper, moves small branches, larger waves with small white caps.

19 - 24

Stiff breeze, small trees with leaves begin to sway, larger waves with white foam and a little spray, small boats should head for the harbor, take in the garden furniture.

25 - 31

Strong wind, bigger waves, more spray, larger branches moving, telephone and electrical wires singing, do not swim in the ocean, difficult walking against the wind.

32 - 38

Approaching gale force, large trees swaying, white crests on ocean, difficult walking against the wind.

39 - 54

Gale force, very rough sea, small branches broken, wind impedes your progress when walking.

55 - 72

Strong storm, don't go near the ocean, shallow rooted trees uprooted trees uprooted, large objects blown around, TV antennas and chimneys damaged.

73 - 112

Hurricane speed. Surface of roofs peeled off, windows broken, light mobile homes pushed or flipped over, moving autos pushed off the road. Check your local TV, radio for storm advisories.

113 - 157

Older weak buildings destroyed, roofs lifted right off homes, large trees snapped like twigs, mobile homes destroyed.

158 - above Devastating damage.

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