Instrument Manuals (for legacy & retired instruments)

You will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view the .pdf format documents If you do not have the reader please click on the image below.

Please click on the link to download the .pdf file you are interested in.  Manuals for current model instruments are avaialble on our Instrument Manuals page.

  1. Merlin (pre-2001) - Wind Speed & Direction
  2. Midshipman (2000-2010) - Ship's Bell Clock
  3. Mystic (pre-2001) - Outdoor Temperature with Barometer
  4. Rainwatch (pre-2012) - Rainfall (Inches of Rainfall dial, with battery back-up)
  5. Summit - Wind Speed & Direction with Outdoor Temperature
  6. Summit Remote - Repeater unit for Summit
  7. Wind Alarm - Wind speed Alarm
    - Latching Switch Instructions - For Wind Alarms equipped with an optional latching switch

Wireless Instruments

  1. Wireless Merlin, Mystic & Rainwatch (pre-2006)
  2. Wireless Maestro (2006-2012) - Wind Speed & Direction
  3. Wireless Maestro (pre-2006) - Wind Speed & Direction
  4. Wireless Mini-Max (2006-2012) - Outdoor Temperature
  5. Wireless Mini-Max (pre-2006) - Outdoor Temperature
  6. Wireless Rainwatch (pre-2012)- Rainfall (Inches of Rainfall dial, with battery back-up)

Navigator Series

  1. Midshipman - Ship's Bell Clock
  2. Predictor - Barometer


  1. WeatherMAX - Multi-function weather processor

Maximum Weather
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