Adjusting the barometer for use at a high altitude if the unit was NOT coarse adjusted at the factory.

  1. Remove the battery cover.
  2. Press the Bar. key to display the barometer reading (it will show as four dashes "----").
  3. Press the Adjust key twice to start the barometer adjustment mode.
  4. Turn the adjustment screw counter clockwise one half a turn at a time until the dashes become a number(approximately 1/2 turn for each 1000 feet above sea level). The adjustment screw can not be damaged by turning it too much.
  5. If the dashes do not change to a number after 15 turns counter clockwise then try step 4 turning clockwise instead of counter clockwise.
  6. If the dashes do not change after trying steps 4 and 5 then this particular unit cannot be used at this higher altitude. Return the unit to Maximum.
  7. After the setting is reached press the adjust key once to exit the adjustment mode.

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