4D and Weather View

Instructions for using both The 4th Dimension and Weather View for collecting data from WeatherLogger

Most users will only use one program for collecting and analyzing data from WeatherLogger. It is possible to use both programs however; you must change the settings to those given below. In addition, you must follow the specific operating procedures shown below.

WARNING - failure to follow these special instructions will cause data loss and corruption.

Software setup:

If you are unsure how to change the settings specified below, refer to the operating instructions for the software.

Weather View

  • Set up the logger for 1-hour sampling.
  • Set the Logger Erase Mode option to "Manual Erase".

The 4th Dimension

  • Select the "Do not erase data after download" option.

Special operating procedures

  • Never leave either program in their data collection mode (WxView - Begin Monitoring Weather, 4D - Record mode) when it is near the top of the hour (XX:45 to XX:15).
  • Only erase WeatherLogger data after both programs have downloaded the data.

Why these special instructions?

You cannot use automatic erase functions because then the other program can not retrieve the data.

You cannot leave either program in their current condition screen when it is time for WeatherLogger to store a record because; WeatherLogger is disabled while the current conditions are being shown.

You must use 1-hour sampling because that is the only option for The 4th Dimension.

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