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Maximum, Inc. is a diversified manufacturing company that has built and sold unique weather sensors and displays since 1968.  The company’s high-quality instruments offer a timeless, classic appearance that fits beautifully into any room décor while featuring professional quality movements with accuracy proven in numerous commercial applications.

In the company’s 50th anniversary year, a series of articles documenting the History of Maximum was published, beginning with inventor Gordon White’s founding of the company in his basement with the firm belief that people are always interested in the weather, particularly the extremes.  One of his first patents for Maximum was called the Gust Register, a device that half a century later still accurately records peak wind gusts.

White’s unique anemometer design has had equal longevity and is today used not only to track windspeed for homeowners but also in a wide range of commercial applications including the assessment of sites for wind-farm development. 

In addition to a full line of home weather instruments and stations, Maximum also produces a number of commercial wind and weather products.

Maximum, Inc., has been located in New Bedford, Mass., since 1988.

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