Rainfall monitoring instrument housed in a PVD (Titanium) treated, solid brass case with silver dial and black numerals.

Rainwatch weather instrument displays either long- or short-term rainfall with the flip of a switch.  Select the length of time for each 'counter' with the reset switch.  Collect annual rainfall in one memory and weekly or daily rainfall in the other.  Dial displays rainfall in user selectable units of measure from .01 to 99.99 inches, cm or mm, and also includes a printed inch/cm conversion chart.  Rainfall data is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve data during power outages.  Outside collector meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy, and is self-emptying for your convenience.  Rainwatch is also compatible with many other tipping style rainfall collectors. 

PVD cases are ideal for instruments that do not receive regular cleaning and/or are exposed to harsh salt air environments.  The process starts with a solid brass case. The case is then chrome plated and treated with a Titanium finishing coat that has been colored to re-create the beautiful brass finish you expect from Maximum.  This process results in an incredible tarnish resistance for many years of a like-new, tarnish free appearance for your Maximum weather instrument.

Includes rain collector with 60' cable and AC adapter

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