#400 Anemometer

AC Voltage generating, polycarbonate, 3-Cup anemometer producing linear frequency output.

Maximum 3-cup anemometers have proven themselves in wind tunnel tests, mountain-top tests and in hundreds of thousands of household and institutional installations, to be rugged, reliable and accurate. Maximum anemometers have recorded wind speeds greater than 200 MPH on several occasions. In fact, some of the world's greatest recorded wind gusts were recorded using Maximum 3-cup wind gauge.

The #400 anemometer is an AC Voltage generating, polycarbonate, 3-Cup anemometer that is calibrated to a master to be interchangeable.

Utilizing a single coil (approx. 2.02 VAC at 60 cycles), the #400 is a frequency counting sensor that is suitable for applications where voltage output is not important.


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