Rain Collector with 60' Cable

Tipping bucket, self-emptying rain collector. 8" diameter openning meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy.

This self-emptying, tipping bucket style rain collector utilizes an 8" diameter openning to meet NWS specifications for statistical accuracy. Rainfall is gathered in the collecting bucket and funnels through a small openning into a tipping mechanism. When the mechanism has 1/100th of an inch of water in it, it tips.  A count is then transmitted to an indicator and the water emptys from the tipping mechanism, through the bottom of the collector bucket to the outside.

The rainfall collector weather instrument requires no manual emptying. Each tip of the bucket is equivalent to 1/100th of an inch of rain. It utilizes a normally open circuit that is momentarily closed each time it tips.  As such, it can be connected to any simple counting circuit, including Maximum's Rainwatch indicator.

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